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Titlurile sfinților

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The holy ones of the Orthodox Church have various customary '''saint titlestitlurile sfinţilor''' with which they are [[saint commemorations|commemorated]] on the [[Church Calendar]] and in divine services.
The following list explains the references:
*'''ConfessorMărturisitor''': one who has suffered for the faith but not martyred outright
*'''Enlightener of N.''' or '''Illuminator of N.''': the saint who first brought the faith to a people or region, or who did major work of evangelization there
*'''Equal-to-the-Apostles''': one whose work greatly built up the Church, whether through direct missionary work or through assisting the Church's place in society
*'''Great-martyr''': one who was martyred for the faith and suffered torture
*'''Hieromartyr''': a martyr who is also a [[clergy]]man
*'''[[MartyrMucenic]]''': one who has died for the faith
*'''Merciful''': one known for charitable work, especially toward the poor
*'''Myrrh-bearer''': Those who were present at Christ's passion and went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus
*'''Myrrh-streaming''', '''Myrrh-gusher''', or '''Myroblete''': the [[relicsmoaşte]] of the saint exude holy and sweet-smelling (and often miraculous) oil
*'''[[New-martyr]]''': a martyr often bearing the same name as a more ancient martyr, but usually more recent in the Church's history
**''See full article at [[New Martyrs]].''
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