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Eudoxie al Antiohiei

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A [[hereticEretic]] ul '''EudoxiusEudoxie''' was the Bishop of Constantinople during the middle of the fourth century, from din secolul al IV-lea a fost [[episcop]] al [[Constantinopol]]ului între 360 to și 370- anul morții sale. He was also Bishop of Antioch before going to ConstantinopleÎnainte de a urca pe scaunul constantinopolitan a fost episcop al [[Antiohia|Antiohiei]]. He was a member of the A aparținut curentului anomoean în timpul disputelor [[AnomoeanismHristologie|Anomoeanshristologice]] party during the time of the Christological dispute with the followers of cu susținătorii învățăturilor lui [[AriusArie]].
Little is known of the early life of Eudoxius. Between 324 and c.331, when St. [[Eustathius of Antioch|Eustasthius]] was Bishop of Antioch, Eudoxius approached him seeking holy orders. Upon examination of Eudoxius’ doctrine, Eustasthius found it unsound, that is non-orthodox, and refused him. Eustasthius, unpopular with the Arian leaning [[bishop]]s of the East, was deposed by a [[synod]] of [[bishop]]s about the year 332. Later, Eudoxius was accepted by the Arian bishops, admitted to the [[Holy Orders|holy orders]] by Leontius of Antioch, and consecrated Bishop of Germanicia, a position he held for about seventeen years. This was the period of intrigues by the [[arianism|Arians]] against St. [[Athanasius of Alexandria]] and the reigns of the sons of Constantine I.
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*[ Catholic Encyclopedia: Socrates Scholasticus Church History, Book II
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