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Ioana Mironosița

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Sfânta [[Mironosiţă ]] '''Ioana''', soţia lui Huza, the steward-administrator of King Herod Antipas, is listed in [[Gospel of LukeEvanghelia după Luca|LukeLuca]] 8:, 3 as one of the women who followed [[ChristHristos]] from Galilee and supported the pe [[discipleucenic]]si, along with [[Susanna the Myrrh-bearer|Susanna]], [[Mary MagdaleneMaria Magdalena]], and others. In Luke Luca 23:, 55-24:, 11, we have the story of how these same women went to the tomb to finish the job of embalming Jesus' body, which was hastily begun by [[Joseph of ArimatheaIosif din Arimateea|JosephIosif]] and și [[Nicodemus the RighteousDreptul Nicodim|NicodemusNicodim]]. They were perplexed when they found the tomb empty except for the grave clothes. The [[angel]] appeared unto them and proclaimed the [[Resurrection]]. They believed and became the first evangelists of the risen Christ. The Church celebrates her [[feast day]] on [[June 27iunie]], as well as on the [[Sunday of Myrrh-bearing Women|Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers]].
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