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Metodie I al Constantinopolului

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Methodius was born in Syracuse, Sicily during the last decade of the eighth century to wealthy parents, who sent him to Constantinople to further his education and to obtain an appointment to the imperial court. On arriving in Constantinople, Methodius was persuaded by a [[monk]] to follow a [[monasticism|monastic]] life. He entered a [[monastery]] on the island of Chios, where eventually he became the [[abbot]].
Metodie s-a nascut in născut în Siracuza din Sicilia in , în ultima decada decadă a secolului al VIII-lea, intrîntr-o familie instarita înstărita care l-a trimis la [[Constantinopol]] spre a-si și continua educatia si educația și pentru a obtine of functie obține o funcție la curtea imperialaimperială. Cand Când a ajuns la Constantinopol, Metodie a fost convins de un [[calugarcălugăr]] sa urmeze o viata viaţă [[monahism|monahiceasca]]. A intrat in în [[manastiremănăstire]] pe insula Chios, unde mai tarziu târziu a devenit si și [[staretStareț]]
Early in the ninth century Leo V the Armenian, an iconoclast, became emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire and renewed the persecutions against the [[iconodule]]s that included most of the monastic community. Patriarch [[Nicephorus I of Constantinople|Nicephorus I]] was deposed in 815 for resisting the iconoclastic laws and was banished from the city. Methodius apparently was sent as an envoy by Patr. Nicephorus to Rome in 815 to report on the situation to Pope Paschal. Methodius remained in Rome until the assassination of Emperor Leo in 820. Upon his return to Constantinople in 821, Methodius was arrested by the regime of the iconoclast Emperor Michael II, scourged, and sent into exile to Antigoni in Propontis. In 828, Methodius was released by Michael just before his death.
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