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(Pagină nouă: {{În curs}} == Bloguri == Mai jos este o listă incompletă de site-uri care oferă opiniile individuale şi gânduri la ortodoxie. Multe dintre următoarele persoane au format ceva ...)
(Bloguri: :cred că l-am terminat)
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*[ Comunitatea ortodoxă]
* [ St. Blog's Parish] is a searchable aggregated syndication feed of Catholic and Orthodox blogs. Note: '''Mostly Catholic'''
* [ St. Blog's Parish]  
'''Individual blogs'''
'''Bloguri individuale'''
* Prudence True [ Prudence True] - Orthodoxy: The Art of Wisdom through Ancient Words
* Prudence True [ Prudence True]
* [ Orthodoxos Logos] - A Greek Orthodox blog with many christian orthodoxe radio recordings and other material.
* [ Logo-uri ortodoxe]  
* [ Akathistos]- An Orthodox Blog focusing on mothering, women saints, green-living and being frugal
* [ Akathistos]
* [ All of Creation Rejoices] - The musings of a ROCOR reader from Great Britain
* [ Toţi se bucură de creare]  
* [ The Aurel Jivi Society] - An Orthodox Blog for Theology Students Learning English for Academic Purposes
* [ Societatea lui Aurel]  
* [ Bigger than a Breadbox]
*Bishop [[Seraphim (Sigrist) of Sendai|Seraphim (Sigrist)]] - [ Seraphim's LiveJournal]
*Bishop [[Arseny (Heikkinen) of Joensuu |Arseni of Joensuu]] ([[Church of Finland]])- [] Orthodox blog in Finnish
* [ Byzantine, TX] - An Eastern Christian blog
* [ Pactum Serva] - Orthodox blog on subjects ranging from Theology to Culture to Politics
* [ Devshirme] by Fr. Gregory Christakos
* [ Dust and Ashes] - "..but I have chosen you out of the world."
* [ East of Byzantium] - Orthodox blog from China
* [ Everyday Blessings] - Orthodox Christian Blog on maintaining and strengthening faith in a secular world, raising a family in the faith, Bible Study Reflections, Lives of the Saints, and more!
*[ Hellenic Reporter] - Fighting the good fight for all freedoms, including freedom of religion.
* [ Fr. Matthew Thurman's blog]
* [ Fr. Rauno Pietarinen's blog] ([[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
* [ Gladsome Light Dialogues] A blog administered by Fr. Vasile Tudora featuring Orthodox theology applied to everyday life. "A journey through our faith as we live it every day"
* [ Glen Rose Farm] - "Notes from a Hillside Farm; being Musings and Observations on Life, Letters, and our Most Holy Faith, by a Lawyer, Sheep-farmer, and Communicant of the Orthodox Church"
* [ Kevin Basil] - "Decimation and Reconstruction"
<!-- * [ Let Us Attend] - "The Orthodox Apologetics Blog" --->
* [ Ancient Church] - The blog formerly known as Minor Clergy
* [ Lithurgy, Theology, and other topics] by hieromonk professor PhD Petru Pruteanu, dean of the Pastoral Theological Faculty from Edinet Moldavia
* [ Milk & Honey] Spiritual Food for Thought
* [ Morning Coffee]
* [ Mother Kristoduli's blog] (The Convent of [[Lintula]], [[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
<!-- * [ My Journey to Orthodoxy] by [[user:tizzidale|Rusty Tisdale]] --->
* [ Occidentalis] - Dedicated to the Western Rite.
* [ Orthodox Christian West] - News blog for the Orthodox Western Rite.
* [ Orthodox Okie] - a personal blog maintained by Oklahoma native ROCOR layman Aristibule Adams.
* [ Orthodixie] - "Southern, Orthodox, Convert, Etc."
* [ Orth-o-matic] - from Plamen Sivov, in Bulgarian language mainly
* [ OrthodoxyToday Blog] - from Fr. Hans Jacobse
* [ Orthodox Way of Life] Articles and information about how to live an Orthodox Christian life. The blog of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greenville, SC.
<!-- * [ Orthopraxis] - "A weblog of issues affecting Orthodoxy." --->
* [ Paradosis] - "A handing over, which is done by word of mouth or in writing, i.e. tradition by instruction, narrative, precept, etc."
* [ Paruchia] - blog of ROCOR Western Rite texts and related material.
<!-- * [ Parrhesia] - "Freedom or frankness in speaking; saying freely all that one thinks." --->
* [ Pensate Omnia (Weigh all Things)] "Orthodox faith; language and literature; ideas in science, politics, history, art and poetry; whatever I find edifying or fun, these things I hope to write about and explore by posting thoughts, papers, links etc."
* [ Pleroma] "Setting forth and defending the Apostolic Tradition"
* [ Ramblings of a Single Dad] - "An adoptive single Orthodox father rambles on faith, fatherhood, family, and friends."
* [ Russian Orthodox Icons' Gallery] - "This Blog is devoted to describing of hand-written Russian Orthodox icons from a Gallery, which is located in the heart of Old Riga, Latvia"
*[ Saint George Speaks] "Articles from Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Publications"
* [ Salt of the Earth] An Orthodox Christian Blog
* [ Phil (SILOUAN)] - "Why would a nice Protestant guy join the Orthodox Church?."
<!-- * Simeon's Hit & Miss of Filosofical Thought --->
* [ Stephanos of Nikopolis] - "Aphorisms and essays on moral philosophy, theology, Orthodox spiritual life, and New Testament commentary."
* [ St. Stephen's Musings] by Karl Thienes - "Thoughts and reflections on Eastern Orthodox theology, various philosophical issues, and a variety of social/political events."
* [ Sunday to Sunday] - "an online journal that chronicles my communion with Christ and His church."
* [ This is Life: Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis] - by Clifton Healy, an "Orthodox wannabe"
* [ Torrent of Consciousness] - "It is what it is."
<!-- * [] - "A weblog on Eastern Orthodoxy, theology, philosophy, academia, nonsense and Siberian speed knitting." --->
<!-- * chrysostom407 - "An Orthodox Christian's Blog" --->
* [ Western Orthodoxy] - "An Unofficial Blog Dedicated to the Western Rite within the Orthodox Church."
* [ A Catechumen's Walk] - "My thoughts and meditations as I delve into the ancient paths of the Church"
* [ Saint-Materne] Musing on the roots of Orthodox Belgium, 19 centuries Christian. (in French)
* [ "La Voile"], "The Sail" online journal of a Belgian Orthodox study group (in French)
* [] A church tech blog
* [] The official blog of Fr. Bishoy Andrawes, Priest of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, DC
* [ now and ever] ..:in search of a john 3:8 hurricane:..
* [ Woman, Thou Art Awesome] A blog devoted to the lives of Women Saints in the Orthodox Church
* [ Orthodox Christian Bible Studies Blog] Discusses the development of online, interactive multimedia Bible study resources.
* [ Monasticism] by Rev. Fr. Peter-Michael Preble of St. Michael’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Southbridge, MA
* [ The Burning Bush]
* [ Antioch Abouna] An Antiochian Orthodox priest writes from the UK
* [ Running The Race] The musings of a recent evangelical convert to the Eastern Orthodox Church who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.
[[en:List of Orthodox Internet communitie]]
[[en:List of Orthodox Internet communities]]
[[es:Lista de comunidades ortodoxas en Internet]]
[[es:Lista de comunidades ortodoxas en Internet]]

Versiunea de la data 5 februarie 2010 14:26

La acest articol se lucrează chiar în acest moment!

Ca o curtoazie față de persoana care dezvoltă acest articol și pentru a evita conflictele de versiuni din baza de date a sistemului, evitați să îl editați până la dispariția etichetei. În cazul în care considerați că este necesar, vă recomandăm să contactați editorul prin pagina de discuții a articolului.


Mai jos este o listă incompletă de site-uri care oferă opiniile individuale şi gânduri la ortodoxie. Multe dintre următoarele persoane au format ceva dintr-o comunitate intertextuală, şi vă sunt susceptibile de a le găsi conectarea la multe alte site-uri ortodoxe sau blog-uri, multe interesante şi non-ortodoxe, precum şi cele.


Bloguri individuale