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Arsachie din Tars

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'''Arsachie din Tars''' was the Archbishop of Constantinoplea fost [[arhiepiscop]] al [[Constantinopol]]ului, succeeding St. urmând sfântului [[Ioan Gură de Aur]] in în anul 404. He was not accepted by the people of Constantinople due the conditions under which he was elected and served only for Arsachie a ocupat [[tron]]ul patriarhal din capitala [[Imperiul bizantin|imperiului bizantin]] mai puțin de un an, deoarece nu a fost pe deplin acceptat de poporul din Constantinopol, datorită condițiilor în care a fost ales după trimiterea în exil a little more than one yearsf. Ioan Gură de Aur. Arsachie era frate bun cu arhiepiscopul [[Nectarie al Constantinopolului]]. He was the brother of Archbishop of Constantinople Este [[Nectarius of ConstantinoplePraznic|Nectariusprăznuit]]. His în [[feast dayBiserica Ortodoxă]] is la data de [[October 11octombrie]], with Abp. împreună cu arhiepiscopul [[Sisinus of Constantinople|SisinusSisinie al Constantinopolului]].
Abp. Arsacius was a native of Tarsus in Kikilia. He was probably born in the latter part of the second decade of the fourth century. Little is known of his early life. His brother, Nectarius, who was the immediate predecessor of St. John Chrysostom, had selected Arsacius to be Bishop of Tarsus. However, he refused the appointment, allegedly because he had designs on succeeding his brother as Archbishop of Constantinople.
In such a great atmosphere of chaos the episcopate of Arsacius did not last long. A feeble character worn out by old age soon brought an end to his reign, Arsacius reposed on [[November 11]], 405.
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