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Metodie I al Constantinopolului

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Our father among the Cel între [[saintsfinţi]]s părintele nostru '''Methodius Metodie I of Constantinople''' was Patriarch of Constantinople during the middle of the ninth centurya fost [[Patriarh]] de [[Constantinopol]] la mijlocul secolului al IX-lea. Chosen as Patriarch of Constantinople by Empress Theodora after the [[deposition]] of the iconoclast Patriarch John VII Gramatikos, he followed a policy of moderation toward iconoclasts as [[veneration]] of the [[icon]]s returned to the Church. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[June 14]].
Methodius was born in Syracuse, Sicily during the last decade of the eighth century to wealthy parents, who sent him to Constantinople to further his education and to obtain an appointment to the imperial court. On arriving in Constantinople, Methodius was persuaded by a [[monk]] to follow a [[monasticism|monastic]] life. He entered a [[monastery]] on the island of Chios, where eventually he became the [[abbot]].
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*[ OCA: St Methodius the Patriarch of Constantinople]
*[ Methodius I of Constantinople]
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