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42 de mucenici din Amoreea

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[[File:42 Martyres.jpg|right|thumb|Cei 42 de mucenici din Amoreea, Passion-bearers.]]
The Holy Sfinții '''42 Martyrs of Amoriummucenici din Amoreea'''(sau Amorium<ref group="note">[[w:Amorium|Amorium]] is in sau Amoreea este în [[w:Phrygia|Phrygia]], Asia MinorMică.</ref> ) (†845) &mdash; [[Passion-bearer]]s Constantine, Aetius, TheophilusTeodor, TheodoreConstantin, MelissenusCalist, CallistusTeofil, Basoes and 35 others with them Vasois şi cei împreună cu ei &mdash; were prominent officers and notables of the Byzantine city of [[w:au fost ofițeri și ocârmuitori ai cetății bizantine Amorium|Amorium]](Amoreea), one of Byzantium's largest and most important cities at the timeuna dintre cele mai importante cetăți ale Imperiului bizantin în secolul al IX-lea, who were seized following the capture and systematic destruction of the city in 838 AD by the care au capturați cu ocazia căderii cetății în mâinile saracinilor conduși de califul Abbasid caliph <ref group="note">Sau [[w:Al-Mu'tasim|Al-Mu'tasim]].</ref> la anul 838 d.Hr., then taken as hostages to duși în sclavie la Samara<ref group="note">[[w:Samarra|Samarra]] (today in Iraq) and , azi în Irak.</ref>, unde au fost decapitați murind ca [[MartyrMucenic|executedmucenici]] there seven years later for refusing to [[convert]] to pentru că au refuzat să-și renege credința creștină și să se convertească la [[Islamislam]].
Their [[feast dayPraznic|Prăznuirea]] is celebrated by the lor în [[Orthodox ChurchBiserica Ortodoxă]] on se face la [[March 6martie]].
Amorium was an episcopal see (bishopric) as early as 431, and was fortified by the Emperor [[Zeno (emperor)|ZenoZenon]], but did not rise to prominence until the 7th century. Its strategic location in central [[w:Asia Minor|Asia Minor]] made the city a vital stronghold against the armies of the Arab [[w:Caliphate|Caliphate]] following their conquest of the [[w:Levant|Levant]].
The city was first attacked by the Arabs in 644, and taken in 646. Over the next two centuries, it remained a frequent target of Muslim raids (''[[w:Ghazi (warrior)|razzias]]'') into Asia Minor, especially during the great sieges of 716 and 796. It became the capital of the [[w:Theme (Byzantine district)|theme]] of [[w:Anatolic Theme|Anatolikon]] soon after.
:''"You do not speak truthfully when you say that I abandoned [[Christ]]. Moreover, I left the priesthood because of my own unworthiness. Therefore, I must shed my blood for the sake of Christ, so that He might forgive the sins that I have committed against Him."''
The executioners took each one separately and led him off to be beheaded, then threw the bodies into the [[w:Euphrates|River Euphrates]]Călăii i-au dus pe rând pe fiecare la locul unde li s-a tăiat capul şi trupurile lor au fost aruncate în râul Eufrat. In the service to themLa slujba de pomenire, these holy [[passion-bearer]]s are glorified asaceşti sfinţi suferitori de patimi sunt numiţi astfel:
:* the Teodor "All-BlessedÎntrutotul Binecuvântat" Theodore, :* the Calist cel "UnconqueredNeînfrânt" Callistus, :* the Constantin cel "ValliantNepreţuit" Constantine, :* the Teofil cel "WondrousMinunat" Theophilus and şi :* Vasois cel "the Most StrongPuternic" Basoes.
==Impact and Aftermath==
The city itself never recovered from the sack, but retained an active bishopric until definitively conquered by the [[w:Great Seljuq Empire|Seljuks]] following the [[w:Battle of Manzikert|Battle of Manzikert]] in 1071. Emperor [[w:Alexios I Komnenos|Alexios I Komnenos]] defeated the Seljuks at Amorium in 1116, but the area was never recovered.
==HymnsImnografie=='''Troparion [[Tropar]] - Tone glas 4'''<br>
Your forty-two holy [[martyr]]s, O [[Lord]],<br>
through their sufferings have received [[Incorruptibility|incorruptible]] crowns from You, our [[God]].<br>
Through their [[Prayer#Intercessory_prayer|intercessions]], save our souls!
'''Kontakion [[Condac]] - Tone glas 4'''<br>
Forty-two holy [[martyr]]s of Ammoria,<br>
you contended for the sake of [[Christ]] on earth;<br>
you continually send down from on high remission of [[sin]]s to those who praise you.
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