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Mitropolia de Accra

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Sfânta '''[[Arhiepiscopie]] de Accra''' is a [[eparhie]] under the [[jurisdicție]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and All Africa. Its territory includes the [[parish]]es and missions located in the nations of [[Ghana]], Ivory Coast, Liberia, [[Sierra Leone]], Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, and Gambia.

The missionary origins of the archdiocese date from the establishment of the Holy Metropolis of Accra and West Africa on [[January 23]], 1959.[[]] The archdiocese was initially established as the '''Diocese of Ghana''' by a Patriarchal and Synodal decree in 1997. On [[November 30]], 1999, Bishop Panteleimon was elected the first [[bishop]] of Ghana and took up residence in the diocese on [[January 18]], 2000. In 2004, Bishop Damaskinos succeeded him as the diocesan bishop.

On [[June 26]], 2008, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa opened the [[Seminary]] of the Holy Metropolis of Ghana to serve the theological education needs of the [[metropolis]].

The Diocese of Ghana was elevated to an [[archdiocese]] with the title of Archdiocese of Accra by a Patriarchal decree on [[October 6]], 2009.

==Organizarea arhiepiscopiei==
The archdiocese is divided into five hierarchal districts:
*The region of the broader area of Accra.
*The region of central Ghana.
*The region of eastern Ghana.
*The region of Ashanti and Volta.
*The region of the Ivory Coast.

*Efstathios Efstathopoulos 1959 - 1975
*[[Irenaeus (Talambekos) of Pilousion|Irenaeus (Talambekos)]] 1976 - 1990
*[[Petros VII (Papapetrou) of Alexandria|Petros Papapetrou]] 1990 - 1997
*[[Panteleimon (Lampadarios) of Antinoe|Panteleimon (Lampadarios)]] 1997 - 2004.
*[[Damaskinos (Papandreou) of Accra |Damaskinos (Papandreou)]] 2004 - 2010.
*[[George (Vladimirou) of Accra|George (Vladimirou)]] 2010 – Present

*[ Patriarchate of Alexandria Diocese website]
*[ ORI: Bishop Panteleimon (Lampadarios) of Ghana]
*[ New Orthodox Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria 8 October 2010]
*[ Holy Archbishopric of Accra] Archdiocese web site

==External link==
*[ OCMC News item]

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