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Nicolae I al Romei

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Pope '''Nicholas I of Rome''', also '''Nicholas the Great''', was the [[Pope]] of the [[Church of Rome]] from 858 to 867. His assertions that the pope of Rome has suzerain authority over all Christians in matters of faith and morals brought strong opposition from the Eastern Church. His support of Patriarch [[Ignatius of Constantinople|Ignatius]], who had been removed from office in favor of Patr. Photius seriously strained relations between Rome and Constantinople.
Nicholas was born about the year 800, the son of the Defensor Theodore. Having received education at the Lateran, Nicholas entered the service of the church at an early age. He was made a [[subdeacon]] by [[Sergius II of Rome|Pope Sergius II]] and [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] by [[Leo IV of Rome|Leo IV]]. After the death of Pope [[Benedict III of Rome|Benedict III]] on [[April 7]], 858, Nicholas was elected pope on [[April 24]] while Holy Roman Emperor Louis II was present in Rome and exerted his influence upon the election. The emperor was also present for Nicholas' [[consecration]] and [[enthronement]] in St. Peter's [[Basilica]].
Pope Nicholas died on [[November 13]], 867.
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