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Teodor al IV-lea (Balsamon) al Antiohiei

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{{Traducere EN}}'''Teodor IV (Balsamon) al Antiohiei''', binecunoscut ca și '''Teodor Balsamon''' (sau Valsamon), a fost [[patriarh ]] al [[Biserica Ortodoxă a Antiohiei |Antiohiei]] între anii 1185 și 1199. A fost canonist al [[Biserica Ortodoxă a Constantinopolului|Bisericii din Constantinopol]], drept care chiar după ce a fost ales [[Listă a patriarhilor de Antiohia|patriarh de Antiohia ]] a continuat să stea la [[Constantinopol ]] împreună cu administrația sa patriarhală.
Theodore is thought to have been born during the third decade of the twelfth century in Constantinople. He was [[ordinationHirotonie|ordainedhirotonit]] a [[deacondiacon]] and appointed head of the law school in Constantinople with the title Nomophylax (Greek: Νομοφύλαξ, "Guardian of the Laws"). Under Patr. Theodosius I, he was charged with handling all ecclesiastical cases and trials submitted to the patriarchate in Constantinople from 1178 to 1183. In 1193, he was elected [[Patriarch]] of Antioch, but remained in Constantinople until his death in 1199.
Patr. Theodore's legacy is in his work as a canonist and his preservation of many source documents from the early political and theological history of Constantinople. His commentaries are still referenced by students of Orthodox [[canon lawDrept canonic]] and are published in the official collections of canon law known as the ''[[The Rudder|PedalionPidalion]]'' (Greek: Πεδαλιον, "Rudder").
His works include the ''Scholia'' (Greek: Σχόλια), written about 1170. This work is a commentary on the "[[Nomocanon]]" of St. [[Photius the Great|PhotiusFotie cel Mare]] which is the standard work on Orthodox ecclesiastical and imperial laws and decrees. Patr. Theodore also complied a collection of ecclesiastical constitutions ([[Alphabetical Collection|Syntagma]]) and works concerning the debate then ongoing following the [[Great Schism]] of 1054.
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