Psalmii Utreniei

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The Hexapsalmos (or Six Psalms) are a group of six psalms composed of two triads, beginning with Psalm 3, 37, 52 and ending with Psalm 87, 102, 142, read during the Matins service. These are read after the dismissal of the Midnight Office at the beginning of the Matins service. Traditionally, they are read by the bishop or superior of the community, who may elect to delegate them to a reader.

There is a tradition that the duration it takes to read the Hexapsalmos is the time will take for Christ to judge all of humanity at the Last Judgment. If a monk walks into church as the Hexapsalmos is read, he is expected to stop where he is and not move until the entire reading has been completed.

If Matins is aggregated with other services, the beginning of Matins may be performed quietly by the clergy during the Hexapsalmos.

The Hexapsalmos are never omitted except during Bright Week and on the leave-taking of Pascha.