Flavian I al Antiohiei

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Cel întru sfinți părintele noastru Flavian I al Antiohiei a fost episcop de Antiohia între anii 381-404. Elected bishop during the era of the Meletian schism of concurrent sitting bishops in Antioch, Flavian became the sole legitimate bishop of Antioch although the schism was not healed until after his repose. Prăznuirea sa în Biserica Ortodoxă se face la 27 septembrie.


Flavian s-a născut către anul 320, probabil în Antiohia. Although he had inherited wealth, Flavian resolved to devote his wealth, in addition to his talents, to the service of Christ's church. He was a defender of the orthodox faith against Arianism. In 361, Flavian was ordained a preot by Meletie, a Semi-Arian who later had accepted the Nicene creed and attended the Second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople. After the repose of Meletius in 381, Flavian was chosen to succeed him.

A schism of the Nicene creed party developed between the followers of Eustatie and those of Meletius after Meletius was appointed the successor to Eustathius after his death. Meletius' election was not recognized by the bishops of Rome and Alexandria while Paulinus and, subsequently, Evagrie were recognized by them as the successors to Eustathius. After Evagrius died in 393, Flavian was able to forestall the election of a successor to Evagrius. The Eustathians, however, continued to hold their services separately. After John Chrysostom was named Bishop of Constantinople in 398, he, with the influence of emperor Theodosius I, was able to obtain acknowledgment of Flavian as the legitimate bishop of Antioch. The schism, however, was not healed until 415, over ten years after Flavian's death in February 404.

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