Duminica Sfinților Părinți de la al șaptelea Sinod Ecumenic

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On the Sunday of the Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, the Church remembers the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, Nicea II, under the holy Patriarch Tarasius.

Lights on the earth

The Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils are honored by the Church because, based upon the preaching of the Apostles, they have established one faith for the Church. Guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and accepted by the Church, the Ecumenical Councils are the highest authority in the Church, infallible.


This feast is commemorated on October 11, if it is a Sunday. If October 11 is not a Sunday, the Slavic tradition uses the preceding Sunday when the eleventh falls before Thursday, and the next Sunday otherwise, the Greek practice will use the Sunday which follows October 11.


Troparion (Tone 8)

Most glorious are You, O Christ our God!
You have established the Holy Fathers as lights on the earth!
Through them you have guided us to the true faith!
O greatly Compassionate One, glory to You!

Kontakion (Tone 6)

The Son who shone forth from the Father
Was ineffably born, two-fold in nature, of a woman.
Having beheld Him, we do not deny the image of His form,
But depict it piously and revere it faithfully.
Thus, keeping the True Faith,
The Church venerates the icon of Christ Incarnate.