Ștefan I al Constantinopolului

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Cel întru sfinți Ștefan I (gr. Στέφανος Α΄, Stephanos I) (noiembrie 867 – 18 mai 893) a fost Patriarh al Constantinopolului între 886 și 893. Prăznuirea lui în Biserica Ortodoxă se face la 18 mai după Sinaxarele bizantine (și la 17 mai în calendarele de tradiție slavă).


Stephen (Greek: Στέφανος) was the younger son of Eudokia Ingerina and, officially, the Eastern Roman Emperor Basil I the Macedonian. He was the brother by birth of the emperor Leo VI the Wise. However, at the time when he was conceived, Eudokia was the mistress of Emperor Michael III, and consequently, it is possible or even probable that like his older brother Leo, Stephen was actually Michael's son.

Stephen was castrated by Basil I. He was tonsured a monk and placed for a career in the church as planned from his childhood. He was ordained a priest during the time of Patriarch Photios. In 886, upon his succession to the throne, his brother, the new Emperor Leo VI, dismissed Patr. Photios and appointed Stephen, then 19-year old, as patriarch.

Other than his participation in the ceremonial reburial of Michael III by Leo VI in the imperial mausoleum attached to the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople, Patr. Stephen was not involved in important events during his patriarchate other than acquiring a reputation for piety.

Placed in office at a very young age, he distinguished himself by his temperance, his vigilance watching over his spiritual flock, interceding for the defenseless, and his concern for the welfare of widows and orphans.

Patr. Stephen reposed peacefully in May 893 and was buried in the Sikellian Monastery.

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