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Iacov de Nisibe

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When Nisibis was yielded to the Persian monarch in 363, the Christian inhabitants carried the [[Relics|sacred relics]] with them, <ref>Theod. ''u. s.'' p.1119; Soz. ''H. E.'' v.3; Gennad. ''u. s.'' c.1.</ref> which, according to the Menologion of the [[w:Mechitarists|Armenians at Venice]], were brought to Constantinople about the year 970.
==See also==* [[First Ecumenical Council]]* [[Ephrem the Syrian]]* [[Theodoret of Cyrrhus]]* [[Jacob of Serugh]] ==NotesNote==
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* Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL). ''[ JACOB (JAMES) OF NISIBIS].''
* [[Church of Antioch (Syriac)|Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Church]]. ''[ St. Jacob of Nisibis].''
* [ Ιάκωβος ο Νισιβηνός]
==External linksA se vedea și ==* [[Sinodul I Ecumenic]]* [[Efrem Sirul]]* [[Teodoret din Cir]]* [[Jacob of Serugh]] ==Legături externe==
* [[w:Nisibis (East Syrian Ecclesiastical Province)|Nisibis (East Syrian Ecclesiastical Province)]] at Wikipedia.
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