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Ignatie Briancianinov

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He wrote a very large amount of material, mostly about the spiritual life and prayer. Only a small portion of his writing has been translated into English. Although his writing was intended primarily for monks, his works are highly recommended for lay Christians by leading Orthodox figures such as [[Thomas Hopko|Father Thomas Hopko]]. <ref>[ Hopko, Thomas. ''In The Spiritual Arena'']</ref>
== Books ==
Available in English translation:
* ''The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism''. Brianchaninov, I. Translated by Arch. Lazarus. Holy Trinity Monastery, 1997. ISBN 0-88465-011-1
* ''On the Prayer of Jesus''. Brianchaninov, I. Translated by Arch. Lazarus. Ibis Press, 2006. ISBN 0-89254-120-2
Cărţi în limba română:
* Ignatie Briancianinov, ''Fărâmiturile Ospăţului'', ed. Episcopiei, Alba Iulia, 1996, 268 p. (traducere de: [[Andrei Andreicuţ]], arhiepiscop de Alba-Iulia)
==Veneration as a saint==
He was [[canonized]] by the [[Local Council]] of the Russian Orthodox Church of [[1988]]. His [[relics]] are preserved at the Tolga Monastery, near [[Yaroslavl]]. <ref>[[John of Shanghai and San Francisco|Maximovitch, St. John]]. ''The Orthodox Veneration of Mary the Birthgiver of God'', St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 1996. p. 20</ref>
* ''He who is careless about prayer is careless about his salvation; he who quits prayer renounces his salvation.''<ref>''The Arena'' p. 218</ref>
* ''Worldly people and even monks without spiritual discernment are nearly always attracted by humbugs, imposters, hypocrites and those who are in demonic delusion, and they take them for saints and genuine servants of God.''<ref>quoted from ''The Arena'' by Hopko</ref>
==External linksLegături externe==* - Sfântul Ierarh Ignatie Brianceaninov şi scrierile sale*[ Despre înşelare]
*(ru) [ The Act of Canonization of the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, Trinity-Sergius Laura, 6-9 June, 1988.]
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