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Cosma Etolul

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{{Traducere EN}}[[Image:StCosmas_Aitolos.jpg|thumb|right|Sf. Cosma Etolul (1714-1779)]]Sfântul, slăvitul nou [[mucenic]] și [[întocmai cu Apostolii]] '''Cosma Etolul''' (sau '''Cosma Etolianul''' sau '''Cosma din Etolia''') s-a născut în anul 1714 în Mega Dendron, Etolia (gr. Aitolia), Grecia, to a father who was a weaver and a devout mother.
He attended public schools, but was tutored by an [[archdeacon]]. He taught and then attended a school on [[Muntele Athos]]. A devenit [[călugăr]] și mai târziu [[preot]] la Mănăstirea [[Mănăstirea_Filotheu_(Muntele_Athos)|Filoteu]] where he remained for two years. After a time, he felt a calling to do [[missionary]] work in Greece, especially in the remote areas where there was a lack of [[Church|churches]] and priests for the many [[Baptism|unbaptized]] adults. As an aftermath of four centuries of Turkish oppression in Greece, Kosmas received the [[Patriarch|patriarchal]] blessing in 1759 to travel wherever needed, for however long, with complete independence, to breathe life back into Christianity in Greece.
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