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Vitalian al Romei

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Pope Papa Vitalian was born in s-a născut în Segni in , în Campagna, part of the Duchy of Romeparte a Ducatului Romei, at an unknown datepe o dată necunoscută. His father's name was Numele tatălui său a fost Anastasius. OtherwiseÎnafară de asta, nothing is known of his life before his elevation to the nimic nu se știe despre viața sa de dinainte de a ajunge [[cathedraepiscop]] of Romeal Romei.
After his election, Vitalian was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] and [[enthronement|enthroned]] on [[30 iulie]], 657. Coming to the [[see]] of Rome in the middle of the monothelite controversy, Vitalian sought to restore relations with emperor Constans II and Patriarch [[Petru al Constantinopolului]] by avoiding condemnation of Constans' Typos. In his replies, Patr. Peter appeared to express the same opinion as that of Vitalian. Thus, ecclesiastical relations between Rome and Constantinople were restored. When Constans visited Rome in 663, he was also received cordially. When he departed, however, he took with him a large number of bronze works of art, taking even the bronze tiles from the roof of the Pantheon that had been dedicated to Christian worship. After Constans was assassinated in 668, his son [[Constantin cel Nou|Constantin al IV-lea]], who succeeded to the imperial throne with the support of Vitalian, was not inclined to aggressively enforce the monothelite Typos.
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