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Grigorie al III-lea al Romei

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Gregory's support of the empire led him to help contribute to the recapture of Ravenna after it had fallen to the Lombards in 733. However, he also sought to fortify Rome and seek alliance with opponents of the Lombard monarch Liutprand, king of the Lombards, and then from the Franks. He sent embassies to Charles Martel, who made no response, having his own priorities.
Gregory promoted the Church in northern Europe, such as the missions of Saint [[BonifaceBonifaciu]] in Germany and Willibald in Bohemia. He also bestowed [[pallium]]s on Egbert of York and Tatwine, [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]. He beautified Rome and supported A înfrumusețat Roma și a încurajat [[monasticismmonahism]]ul.
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