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Dionisie al Corintului

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Our father among the Cel întru [[saintsfinți]]s părintele nostru '''Dionisie al Corintului''' was the Bishop of Corinth during the last half of the second centurya fost [[episcop]] al Corintului (Grecia) în a doua jumătate a secolului al II-lea. The dates of his tenure as Bishop of Corinth is not knownPerioada exactă a episcopatului său nu este cunoscută, but part of it overlapped that of dar o parte s-a suprapus cu episcopatul [[Papă|papei]] [[Soter of Romeal Romei]]. His [[feast dayPrănuire]]a sa în [[Biserica Ortodoxă]] is se face pe [[April 8aprilie]].
==LifeViața==Little is known of the life of Dionysius, and what is known is from [[Eusebius of CaesareaEusebiu de Cezareea|Eusebius Pamphilius]] and text fragments from his letters. It is clear Dionysius was held in high esteem as a writer of letters by the second century churches, not only from Eusebius’ statement, but also from the fact that [[heretic]]s thought it worthwhile to circulate interpolated and mutilated copies of his letters. That he wrote epistles to churches so widely scattered shows that he possessed a widely held reputation. Most of these letter are no longer extant.
Dionysius can be dated to the second half of the second century from the dating of his letters to noted Christians of the time, such as to the Bishop of Rome [[Soter of Rome|Soter]] who served from about 167 to 175, a period of service overlapping that of Dionysius.
The date and cause of Dionysius' death is unknown. He reposed before the year 199. While traditionally Dionysius has been held by some in the Eastern Church to be a [[martyr]], there is no historical foundation for his martyrdom.
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