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Alexandru al Alexandriei

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Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Alexandru al Alexandriei''' was the Pope of Alexandria and leader of the [[Church of Alexandria]] during the early part of the fourth century. During his reign he had to deal with major issues that confronted the Church as it gained its freedom from Roman persecutions, including the rise of [[Arianism]] and the dating of Pascha. He was a leader of the opposition to the [[erezie]] of Arianism at the [[Sinodul I Ecumenic|First Ecumenical Council]]. He is remembered on [[29 mai]].
Little is known of Alexander’s early life. He is thought to have been born about the year 250, probably in Alexandria. As a [[priest]] he experienced the persecutions of Christians under the emperors Galerius and Maximinus. Upon the repose of Achillas of Alexandria in 313, he came to lead the Church of Alexandria as the thirteenth Pope in succession since the Apostle Mark.
In addition to the Orthodox Church, Alexander is venerated by the [[Oriental Orthodox|non-Chalcedonian]] and [[Roman Catholic Church]]es.
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