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Iba de Edesa

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'''Ibas of Edessade Edesa''' was the Bishop of Edessa during the fifth centurya fost episcop de Edesa în secolul al V-lea, during the pe vremea controverselor [[Nestorianism|Nestoriannestoriene]] controversies. His association with partisans of Nestorianism and, at the time, a critic of the actions of [[Cyril of AlexandriaChiril al Alexandriei]] placed him under a cloud concerning his orthodoxy. While his writings were anathematized he, personally, wasn't.
His early life is largely unknown. Ibas first appeared as a [[presbyter]] in the church of Edessa during the episcopate of Bishop Rabbula of Edessa. Edessa was in the northern part of ancient Mesopotamia - now southeastern Turkey. While Rabbula was opposed to the views of [[Nestorius]] and Theodore of Mopesuestia, Ibas, who was in charge of the school of Edessa, took opposition to his [[bishop]]'s stand. He admired the writings of Theodore and translated them into Syriac and disseminated them throughout the east.
After the Robber Council Pope [[Leo the Great |Leo I]] of Rome approached [[Pulcheria the Empress|Pulcheria]], emperor Theodosius' sister for help in reversing the council's decisions. After the emperor's death in July 450 and Pulcheria's marriage to Marcian, the new emperor, Marcian, summons a general council that convened under Patr. [[Anatolius of Constantinople|Anatolius]] at [[Chalcedon]] in 451. At the council, the status of the bishops deposed by the Robber council was considered. The council, after much discussion restored Ibas unanimously on the condition that he anathematize Nestorius and Eutyches and accept the tome of Leo. Ibas consented without hesitation. He was restored as bishop of Edessa. Nonnus, who had been chosen bishop on Ibas' deposition, having been legitimately ordained, was allowed to retain his episcopal rank, and on Ibas's death, [[October 28]], 457, succeeded him as metropolitan <ref>Labbe, iv. 891, 917</ref>
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