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Istoria Bisericii – perioada Noului Testament (cronologie)

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Perioada Noului Testament - cronologie
*18-37 [[w:Caiafa|Caiafa]] devine [[w:Lista arhiereilor lui Israel|Mare Preot]] al evreilor.
*ca.25-26 Moartea [[w:Dreptul Iosif|Dreptului Iosif]].
*26-36 [[w:Pontius PilatePilat din Pont|Pontius PilatePilat din Pont]] is appointed the Roman Prefect of Judaea provinceeste numit prefect roman al provinciei Iudeea.
*ca.28 [[John the Forerunner|John the Baptist]] began his ministry in the "15th year of Tiberius" (Luke 3:1-2), preaching ''"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near"'' (Matt 3:1-2), [[Theophany|baptized Christ in the Jordan]] (Mark 1:4-11), was arrested and beheaded by Herod Antipas, tetrarch of Galilee.
*ca.28-30 Three year ministry of [[Jesus Christ]], including: [[w:Temptation of Christ|Temptation]]; Appointment of the Twelve [[Apostles]]; [[w:Sermon on the Mount|Sermon on the Mount]]; Miracles performed; [[w:rejection of Jesus|Rejection]]; [[Transfiguration]]; [[Palm Sunday|Triumphal Entry]] into Jerusalem; driving out the Temple money changers; Cursing the fig tree; Giving the great commandment; Anointing; [[Last Supper icon|Mystical Supper]]; Arrest; [[w:Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus|Sanhedrin Trial]]; Before Pilate; [[Passion]]; [[Crucifixion]] on [[Holy_Week#Holy_Friday|Good Friday]]; Entombment by Pharisees [[Joseph of Arimathea]] and [[Nicodemus the Righteous|Nicodemus]] of the Sanhedrin; [[w:Harrowing of Hell|Harrowing of Hell]]; [[Resurrection]] on [[Pascha|Easter Sunday]]; Appearances to various people over the next forty days; Giving the [[Baptism#The_Great_Commission|Great Commission]] (Matt. 28:16-20); and [[Ascension]].
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