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Istoria Bisericii – perioada Noului Testament (cronologie)

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Perioada Noului Testament - cronologie
==Perioada Noului Testament - cronologie ==
*46 BC Julius î.Hr. Iulius Caesar institutes instituie [[Julian CalendarCalendarul Iulian]].*27 BCî.Hr.-180 AD d.Hr. [[Pax Romana]].
*20 BC Herod the Great begins a [[w:Herod's Temple|massive renovation and expansion]] of the [[w:Second Temple|Second Temple]] complex; the main internal struggles amongst the Jews during the late Second Temple period (ca. 168 BC to 70 AD) were between the [[w:Pharisees|Pharisees]] and the [[w:Sadducees|Sadducees]], as well as the [[w:Essenes|Essenes]] and [[w:Zealotry|Zealots]].
*ca.4 BC '''[[Nativity|Christ is born]] in Bethlehem'''; 14,000 [[Holy Innocents]] slain in Bethlehem.
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