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Grigorie al II-lea al Constantinopolului

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His All-Holiness Preafericitul '''Gregory Grigorie al II Cyprus-lea al Ciprului''' (Greek: gr. Γρηγόριος ο Κύπριος) was the Patriarch of Constantinople from a fost [[Patriarh]] de [[Constantinopol]] între anii 1283 to şi 1289. He was S-a staunch opponent of the use of the opus cu tărie învăţăturii despre [[filioque]] addition by the Roman Catholic Church to the pe care Biserica Romano-Catolică a adăugat-o la [[Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed|Nicene creedCrez]].
Gregory was born in 1241 into a middle class family that was of noble origin. At birth he was given the name George. The family lived on Cyprus during the time of the Frankish occupation of the island. On Latin occupied Cyprus, Gregory found the level of gaining an education among the Greeks limited, so he became a student in a Latin school. As he had difficulty learning Latin, the knowledge he gained of grammar and Aristotle's Logic was limited. He had to look elsewhere for the education he wanted.
Patr. Gregory II is noted for his many published works and his autobiography. He reposed in 1290.
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*[ Gregory of Cyprus]
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