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The '''leavetakingOdovania''' (Greekgreacă: ἀπόδοσις (apodosis); Slavonicslavonă: отдание (otdaniye)) (also known as ''apodosis'' or ''conclusion'') of a feast is the final day a feast is celebrated in the Church. In most cases it follows an [[afterfeast]]. On the leavetaking, most elements of the festal services are appointed to be served again. In the western rite, the [[w:Octave (liturgical)|Octave]] of a feast has a similar use.
[[Pascha]] and most [[First Class Feasts|First]] and [[Second Class Feasts|Second Class]] feasts have leavetakings. See the [[Afterfeast#Which Feasts?|Afterfeast]] article for the specific dates of these leavetakings.
* [ Website of the St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America]
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