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An The '''afterfeastleavetaking''' (Greek: ἀπόδοσις (apodosis); Slavonic: отдание (otdaniye)) (also known as ''postfeastapodosis'' or ''conclusion'') of a feast is the final day a period of time following certain major feasts feast is celebrated in the Church. In most cases it follows an [[afterfeast]]. On the leavetaking, most elements of the Christian year during which the feast continues festal services are appointed to be celebratedserved again. The liturgical life of In the Church reflects this extended celebration by continuing to express western rite, the themes [[w:Octave (liturgical)|Octave]] of the a feast in the divine services celebrated during the afterfeasthas a similar use.
Most commemorations that have an afterfeast also [[Pascha]] and most [[First Class Feasts|First]] and [[Second Class Feasts|Second Class]] feasts have a leavetakings. See the [[forefeastAfterfeast#Which Feasts?|Afterfeast]]article for the specific dates of these leavetakings.
== How long? ==The afterfeast begins on the day after the feast and concludes on the In addition, four [[leavetakingThird Class Feasts]] of the feast. Accordingly, the period of the afterfeast varies from commemoration to commemorationhave leavetakings.
== Which feasts? ==* St. Demetrios ([[October 26]])—leavetaking: [[October 27]]* Nativity of the Forerunner ([[June 24]])—leavetaking: [[PaschaJune 25]] * Ss. Peter and most Paul ([[First Class FeastsJune 29]] and )—leavetaking: [[June 30]]* Beheading of the Forerunner ([[August 29]])—leavetaking [[Second Class FeastsAugust 30]] have afterfeasts.
=== From the [[Pentecostarion]] =See Also ==* [[Pascha]]—afterfeast: 38 days (leavetaking: Wednesday before Ascension)* [[AscensionAfterfeast]]—afterfeast: 8 days (leavetaking: Friday before Pentecost)* [[PentecostForefeast]]—afterfeast: 6 days (leavetaking: following Saturday)
==Source = From the [[Lenten Triodion]] ===* [[Palm Sunday]]—no afterfeast === From the [[Menaion]] ===* [[Nativity of the Theotokos]] ([[September 8]])—afterfeast: 4 days (leavetaking: [[September 12]])* [[Elevation of the Holy Cross]] ([[September 14]])—afterfeast: 7 days (leavetaking: [[September 21]])* [[Presentation of the Theotokos]] ([[November 21]])—afterfeast: 4 days (leavetaking: [[November 25]])* [[Nativity|Nativity of Christ]] ([[December 25]])—afterfeast: 6 days (leavetaking: [[December 31]])* [[Theophany]] ([[January 6]])—afterfeast: 8 days (leavetaking: [[January 14]])* [[Presentation|Presentation of Christ]] ([[February 2]])—afterfeast: 7 days (leavetaking: [[February 9]]) **'''NOTE:''' The afterfeast of the Presentation of Christ may be shortened or omitted altogether if [[February 2]] falls on or after the Sunday of the [[Publican and Pharisee]].* [[Annunciation]] ([[March 25]])—no afterfeast* [[Transfiguration]] ([[August 6]])—afterfeast: 7 days (leavetaking: [[August 13]])* [[Dormition]] ([[August 15]])—afterfeast: 8 days (leavetaking: [[August 23]]) == See also ==* [[Înainteprăznuire]]* [[Leavetaking]]* [[Synaxis]] == Sources ==* ''The Festal Menaion'', tr. by Mother Mary and Archimandrite (now Bishop) Kallistos (St. Tikhon's Seminary Press) (ISBN 1878997009)* ''The Pentecostarion'', tr. Holy Transfiguration Monastery (ISBN 0943405025)
* [ Website of the St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America]
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*[[w:Afterfeast|''Afterfeast'' at Wikipedia]]
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